GroundSwell Productions was founded in 2001 as Sati Media Productions. Since then, we have been actively pursuing our two-fold mission statement: to foster community access to digital video production, and to produce riveting media that inspires empathy.

We believe that true empathy grows from seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. In each of our projects we strive to let our subjects’ stories speak for themselves and create media that draws attention to the hidden corners of the globe, from down the street to the Colombian jungle.

Greg O’Toole

Greg O’Toole has been producing, shooting, and editing socially aware video since his first project in the Colombian jungle. Through his work with some of the most well established production houses in the Bay Area, he has touched on a wide range of social and environmental issues.
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Rivkah Beth Medow

Since 2002 Rivkah Beth Medow has produced documentary, commercial and film productions for broadcast and Internet. Rivkah strives to create influential, socially conscious media that spurs discussion and inspires audiences to work for a better world in whatever ways they can.
N’Jeri Eaton

N’Jeri Eaton received her B.A. in Media Arts Studies from Emerson College. Since graduating from Emerson, she has worked on films for PBS, California Newsreel and Albert Maysles. She currently works as a video instructor and producer for the Bay Area Video Coalition, and joined GroundSwell in 2007 to teach the Youth Voice program.